Asset Management

Mercatus Aerospace is experienced in the evaluation, purchase and sale of aviation assets including aircraft, engines and other major components. If you are looking to sell or buy an asset or are in need of an experienced company to manage the asset, Mercatus Aerospace has the requisite experience to help.

Parts Plus

When you have an engine or airframe inducted for servicing, Mercatus Aerospace understands your supply chain requirements and makes sure there are no unnecessary delays and no cost overruns. Mercatus Aerospace supplies you with the ability to ensure this through our Parts Plus® service. Through Parts Plus we maintain a large inventory of engine LLP’s, components and rotables, as well as airframe rotables & expendables. All our stock can ship the same day as your initial request. This means we can also provision the parts you need for your next service, including repairs and exchanges, allowing you to lower logistics costs and reducing your points of contact to a single source. In case your engine or airframe is already in the shop, through Parts Plus we can look after your needs in real time. We will respond to your request swiftly, with all the information you need to minimise delay.

Inventory Management

If you are struggling to keep track of your stock, or have idle inventory, Mercatus Aerospace Inventory Management Service is what you need. We can support you either by managing your active inventory at your facility or we can take the burden of idle inventory off your shoulders. When we manage your inventory at your facility, we bring with us a wealth of experience and knowledge. All designed to enable your inventory operations to run efficiently and expose your inventory to a wider source of revenue. We can also connect our Inventory Management Service to our Parts Plus® Service and ensure that you have a wider pool of available parts at no extra cost. Alternatively, by taking your inventory on consignment, we reduce your warehousing costs, administrative costs and generate an alternate source of revenue for you.

Engine Management

If you are a small operator or lessor with limited resources, our Engine Management Service is just what you are looking for. Mercatus Aerospace can manage your engine assets for you. Depending on your need we can manage them either for short or long term. Our Engine Management Service covers all aspects of engine management that you require, including financial, technical, maintenance, planning, analysis and future cost forecast. We can also combine this service with our Parts Plus® service to provide parts and material support to further reduce material costs and increase the efficiency of your engine operations by decreasing administrative loads on your personnel. When your engine goes into the shop we can also ensure your outgoings are reduced. By analysing the parts replaced during maintenance we can ensure that only the most cost effective, high quality parts, are put in and that only those parts truly beyond economical repair are scrapped. As a part of our Engine Management Service we will also offer to buy any other remaining parts that are removed from the engine. Again reducing maintenance costs and increasing the efficiency of your engine operations. The benefits provided by our Engine Management Service improve the efficiency of your engine operations. Taking the pressure off your technical staff and reducing the cost of engine ownership.

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